Just about two and half years ago, I joined ProgressiveHealth as the Data & Solutions Architect. The job title was a little misleading as I did a lot more than just architecture in that I had oversight in most things IT within the company. When I took this job, I was miserable at HPE and it was so refreshing to go somewhere that I could actually get things done instead of running into customer-induced roadblocks every step of the way.

During this time, my team launched some great updated, fixed, and new features so the company’s business units could provide the best services possible.

The team has also basically been completely rebuilt since I joined. I have been working with an awesome group of folks that have made it a joy to work with them. They all have a high desire to put out quality software that solves our customers needs. Even the couple of folks that left under my tenure were generally a pleasure to work with and desired to get things done.

Well if it is not obvious from this so far, I have decided to leave ProgressiveHealth for a new challenge. This was not something I did lightly. I truly was not looking for another position. I actually had someone asked me about a month ago how long I was planning on sticking around and I told them that I was really excited to get the application rebuild going and wanted to see that succeed; so probably I wouldn’t probably actually consider something for another two or three years. But then the right person asked the right question and the rest is history.

Today was my last day at ProgressiveHealth and tomorrow I will join ScholarRx as the Director of Software Development. ScholarRx has the mission of creating an affordable, lifeline digital-leaning platform for medical students and physicians everywhere. Scott Drake (the right person asking the right question) has assembled an awesome software development team for Dr. Toa Le who has assembled a similarly awesome group of professionals to deliver the best training to help medical students prepare for their United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Step 1 examination along with several other corresponding software offerings.

I’m really excited about starting this new adventure! Along with eliminating my commute by working from home – there were actual enjoyable parts about the commute, but getting up to 4.5 hours back each day will make a big different – and the fact that ScholarRx is run by educators, I should actually have more time to my extra-circular speaking/community activities while actually giving me some more time with the family.

I’m planning on spending some of that new-found free time to actually blog on some things that I have been working on. I have two personal projects that I’m trying to start and I’ll be writing up how those are going. So look forward to that in the very near future.