Which Microsoft Framework Am I Supposed to Use

This talk has been retired.

For 15 years, the biggest decision was whether it was time to upgrade to the latest .NET framework or not. Now there is the .NET Framework, .NET Core, and .NET Standard. So many options and it not completely obvious which one (or ones) you should be using. During this session, you see a down to earth description of what each of these are and get an idea of when you should be one or more of these and what version of them based upon what you are building or maintaining.

Short Abstract

With .NET Framework, .NET Core, and .NET Standard, which Microsoft .NET framework are you supposed to use? Well it depends. During this session we’ll talk about the different reasons to use one framework over the other or when you should use a combination of frameworks.


45/60/75-minute session


  • Architecture
  • .NET
  • .NET Framework
  • .NET Core
  • .NET Standard

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the history of Microsoft development strategies and how this brought on the development paradigms available now
  • Understand the differences between .NET Framework, .NET Core, and .NET Standard
  • Understand when to use one Microsoft .NET framework over another


KCDC 2019Kansas City, MOJuly 11-13, 2018
Louisville .NET Meetup – February 2018Louisville, KYFebruary 15, 2018
Evansville Technology Group – February 2018Evansville, INFebruary 15, 2018

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