Serverless Microservices: Microservices without Containers

Microservices have been the buzz for the past couple of years and for some very good reasons. Just about anything you read shows implementing microservices using containers. While containers are great, they bring in their own set of challenges and are not always the right way to do microservices. Another great way to implement microservices is through serverless technologies. Think of the possibilities when you add all the benefits of serverless technology into a microservice architecture.

Short Abstract

Microservices do not have to mean containers; in this session, you will learn how to use serverless technologies in order to implement a full microservice architecture.


45/60/75-minute session


  • .NET
  • .NET Core
  • Architecture
  • Azure
  • C#
  • Cloud
  • Microservices

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the concepts and benefits of microservice architectures
  • Understand what exactly serverless technologies are and their benefits
  • See firsthand how to use serverless technologies to implement a microservice architecture


Scenic City Summit 2021Chattanooga, TN (Online)September 24, 2021
Cincy Deliver 2021Cincinnati, OHJuly 30, 2021
THAT Conference 2021Wisconsin Dells, WI (Hybrid)July 26 – 29, 2021