An Architects Guide to Starting with a New Company

Starting with a new company as their architect (or being promoted to an architect) is fun and exciting where the sky can be yours. You will probably go in a hero as the person with all the answers to their problems; but go in guns blazing and soon you could be despised by those you are there to help. Having had the responsibility as an architect at several companies and hired architects for others, I have learned the hard way what works and does not work. If you are looking for a career move or are responsible for hiring architects, come to this session to learn how an architect can come into a new position and rock it from day one.

Short Abstract

Starting a new position as an architect is fun and exciting where the sky can be yours. In this session you will learn from first-hand experience how to come into the architect position and rock it without making enemies of the preexisting developers.


45/60/75-minute session


  • Architecture
  • Career Advice
  • Soft Skills

Learning Objectives

  • Learn what is expected of an architect the day they start
  • Learn how to ask the right questions to learn about the existing architecture
  • Learn how to implement new, better architectures without upsetting the preexisting developers


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