What’s New for C# Developers

Abstract Microsoft has gone from multi-year releases of C# and .NET to annual releases, meaning there are always new things for C# to make their development efforts better and easier. During this session, we’ll talk about the new features in C# 10 and talk about some exciting additions in .NET 6, Entity Framework Core, and […]

Time Travelling Data: SQL Server Temporal Tables

Abstract Have you built complicated triggers and procedures to track the history of data in your databases? What if SQL Server or Azure SQL could take care of all that for you and you just had to change a couple of settings? Starting with SQL Server 2016, there is support for system-versioned temporal tables as […]

The Taming of the API

Abstract Tranio tells Lucentio, “No profit grows where is no pleasure ta’en: In brief, sir, study what you most affect.” While Tranio’s point was to get Lucentio to loosen up for him to “live a little,” this is still a valuable lesson to developers. Your team has worked hard to build the functionality that provides […]

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Cosmos

Abstract Today’s applications are required to be highly responsible and always online. Cosmos DB was built from the ground up to provide a globally distributed, multi-model database service that enables you to elastically and independently scale throughput and storage across any number of Azure regions worldwide. Because of its ARS (atoms, records, and sequences) design, […]

Technical Debt Is Not Free

Abstract So many software development teams rack up technical debt and do not even realize it. But even if you are a more mature team and recognize and maybe even document technical debt, what good is it if you do not take action. Just like in other parts of our life, just because we can […]

Software Craftsmanship for Non-Developers

Software Craftsmanship

Have you heard the developers on your team throw around terms like code smell, DRY, or SOLID you just look at them with a blank stare? When your senior developer tells you that they need to spend a sprint taking care of technical debt do you just think they are wanting some time to goof […]

Software Craftsmanship for New Developers

Abstract Knowing language syntax is essential as a new developer, but just as important is understanding what software craftsmanship is. In this session, Chad will talk about the software craftsmanship movement and why it is crucial. Chad will also explain essential craftsmanship terms like code smells, DRY, and SOLID. Even if you have been developing […]

Serverless Microservices: Microserices without Containers

Abstract Microservices have been the buzz for the past couple of years, and some excellent reasons. Just about anything you read shows implementing microservices using containers. While containers are great, they bring in their challenges and are not always the right way to do microservices. Another great way to implement microservices is through serverless technologies. […]

Secrets of Conflict Resolution

One of the most challenging aspect of being a leader is dealing with conflict amongst your team. It’s vital to productivity to get the team running like a well-oiled machine, even in the face of adversity. Improving your relationships with your coworkers, clients, and managers and find your way through conflict back to cooperation. This […]

How to be a Leader

Abstract What is leadership? That term gets thrown around a lot, but what is it really? What do leaders do that makes them leaders? Leadership can be learned and that is good as leaders are in high demand and in short supply. To be an effective leader, you must first understand what leadership is and […]