Podcast Recommendation: Explanation of What DevOps Should Be About

“DevOps is the union of people, process, and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users.” – Donovan Brown Donovan Brown is the Cloud Advocate Manager of the Methods and Practices Org at Microsoft and is one of the leaders in thought and practice around DevOps.  I have really come to appreciate […]

Converting an image binary in string to a stream

We have a feature that allows users to create notes on content within the system – akin to adding a note to a textbook, but with a whole lot more space than a textbook. As part of our microservice initiative, I’m moving this functionality out into a separate service which will store its data in […]

Programmatically Update Cosmos DB Throughput

Azure Cosmos DB has an interesting charging model in that you pay for provisioned throughput along with consumed storage by the hour. The provisioned throughput is expressed in Request Units per second (RU/s) which can be used for various operations. The goal is to provision just the right amount of RU/s so you are not […]


Just about two and half years ago, I joined ProgressiveHealth as the Data & Solutions Architect. The job title was a little misleading as I did a lot more than just architecture in that I had oversight in most things IT within the company. When I took this job, I was miserable at HPE and […]