Podcast Recommendation: Explanation of What DevOps Should Be About

“DevOps is the union of people, process, and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users.” – Donovan Brown

Donovan Brown is the Cloud Advocate Manager of the Methods and Practices Org at Microsoft and is one of the leaders in thought and practice around DevOps.  I have really come to appreciate how he demonstrates the right ways to do things and his thoughts on DevOps.

The quote above has become Microsoft’s mantra on DevOps and really is a great explanation of what DevOps should be all about.  Brian Randell and Mickey Gousset interviewed Donovan on the podcast and I highly recommend that everyone go check it out:

On the The One Where We Talk to Donovan Brown episode of, Brian Randell and Mickey Gousset interview Donovan Brown about DevOps and I highly recommend everyone listen to it.  The podcast itself is great anyways, but on this episode, Donovan goes through an explanation of how his definition of DevOps became to be and it was really cool to hear how it became to be.