Azure Durable Functions for Serverless .NET Orchestration

Durable Functions is a new open-source extension to Azure Functions that enable long running orchestrations and stateful processes to execute as serverless functions. Learn how to write durable functions, and patterns and best practices to write simple or complex stateful orchestrations.

Azure Services Every Developer Needs to Know

Azure is a powerful platform with many amazing services, but it can also be hard to know which ones you need to know about when you are first getting started with cloud development. You will learn the services you need to start with to modernize an existing ASP.NET application in the Azure cloud.

Building an Ultra-Scalable API Using Azure Functions

The backend to most extensible applications are the APIs that provide the crux of the workload. We’ll identify what serverless computing is, why to consider having a serverless API backend, provide an example of how to develop a serverless architecture, and go over potential benefits and pitfalls.

Building Great Libraries with .NET Standard

Start by learning about the different Microsoft frameworks and where you should use each and then focus on how you can easily support multiple platforms with .NET Standard and have no compromises.

Common Data Problems Solved with Graphs Using Azure Cosmos

DB Gremlin APIData is naturally connected, but data modeling focuses on entities which cause complicated joins; this is where graph databases come in as they store data more naturally. See how to use Azure Cosmos DB Gremlin API to traverse such data structures and see practical examples to common data problems.

Getting Started with Azure DevOps

DevOps is about people, process, and products; DevOps is about continually getting better in delivering value to your customers. Come to this session to learn about Microsoft’s products to bring DevOps goodness to your development process.

Getting Started with Azure Functions

Have you ever just needed to get a simple process that needs to be executed on a routine basis? Well serverless computing will help you do that quickly and without the mess and fuss of dealing with infrastructure.

How to be a Leader

In order to become an effective leader, you must first understand what leadership is and what traits a leader exhibits. Come and learn how to demonstrate key leadership traits and principles so you can earn the respect, confidence, and loyal cooperation of those on your team.

Secrets of Conflict Resolution

Conflict within your team is inevitable. Come and learn how learn ways to deal with this conflict so it doesn’t tear apart your team.

Serverless in Action

Have you ever needed the ability to develop something simple for a business request but did not want to go through the trouble of creating a full application? Serverless computing will help you do that quickly and without the mess and fuss of dealing with infrastructure.

Software Craftsmanship for New Developers

As a new developer, knowing language syntax is important; but just as important is understanding the concepts of software craftsmanship. In this session you will learn about terms like code smells, DRY, and SOLID. Even if for experienced developers, this will be a good refresher on the essentials.

Software Craftsmanship for Non-Developers

What exactly are these software craftsmanship terms like code smell, DRY, and SOLID and why are my developers frustrated that I do not understand these terms? During this session we’ll discuss what exactly software craftsmanship is and why it’s important for your team.

Time Travelling Data: SQL Server Temporal Tables

Have you built complicated triggers and procedures to track the history of data in your database? Come to this session to find out how you can use built-in support in SQL Server to do this more efficiently than your complicated code.

Which Microsoft Framework Am I Supposed to Use?

With .NET Framework, .NET Core, and .NET Standard, which Microsoft .NET framework are you supposed to use? Well it depends. During this session we’ll talk about the different reasons to use one framework over the other or when you should use a combination of frameworks.


Develop a Complete Serverless Solution in a Day

Serverless has become a movement about developer empowerment. During this workshop, you will learn what exactly we mean by serverless computing and how to build complete serverless solutions that are connected to queues, web requests, and databases and seamlessly integrate with third part APIs.