Announcing Louisville Software Development Leadership Meetup

Like a lot of other software development team leaders, I did not start my career thinking I was going to get into management.  I went from being a senior developer doing some project management when needed to managing a program with project managers, business analysts, and developers totaling 63 people building seven different products using three different software development platforms (.NET, Java, and PeopleSoft).  I had been around a long by that time and seen a lot of things, but all of the sudden I was responsible hiring and firing decisions, profit margins, and making other decisions that would affect people’s livelihoods.  Sure, I was a people person, but subordinates can through you some really interesting curveballs.

About 18 months ago, one of peer managers was having an issue with one of his employees and called me to see what I would do in the same situation.  As it was coming on to lunch time, I said why don’t we talk about this over lunch.  That was a very productive lunch where we discussed that issue and a couple of other issues.  It was a very productive lunch and we both got a lot out of it.  From that one lunch, the two of us and some of the other managers would go to lunch and discuss what was going on with our teams.
We even got to the point where we had a standing lunch with all of the managers on location.  These were great because we were able to talk about things that we could not discuss with our employees and/or around our customers.

Now that I no longer work for the large corporation, I miss those lunches.  But I would like to share these experiences with others managers.

With that in mind, I set out to start a new meetup targeting software development managers.  Turns out I wasn’t the only thinking about starting such a group as Scott Drake started a similar group.  The two of us sat down for a beer and talked combing our efforts and now there is the Louisville Software Development Leadership Meetup.

The Meetup will be a little different than other local meetups as we will have two different types of meetings.  First, we will have a more traditional evening meeting several times a year – maybe every other month or maybe once a quarter.  We are going to have a kickoff on Tuesday, January 17 where we will discuss those present about plans for what to do in the future. More details can be found at

The second be a software development leader coffee and discussion head monthly on the second Tuesday morning.  Vaco Technology will be sponsoring the group providing us a location and refreshments.  You can get more details about the initial coffee and discussion at

So, for the software development leaders, I hope you will join us for these learning and networking activities.

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