No Longer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Last Thursday was an interesting day that ended in a way I never expected.  After a day full of negotiations on a variety of topics to include how to test four different releases at the same time and how to properly staff my team’s business analysis needs, I had a meeting with our Human Resources representative.  As a people manager, it’s not unusual to meet with HR on a variety of topics and I did have several things HR was working on for some of my folks.  All I could think of during the day was why did this meeting had to be at the end of the day, it was going to make me late to attend the University of Louisville Football’s season opener which I had a ticket for.
I would never have guessed the way the call went.  It quickly went from me ready to take some notes so I knew how to handle a situation with one of my employees to me sitting in complete shock.  Not thirty seconds into the call I was informed that I was being terminated.  I was asked if I had any questions or comments and I had no idea what to say.  I was waiting to wake up from some crazy dream, but I was not sleeping.
Obviously I do not agree with the HPE’s decision, but I want to be completely professional and also want to honor my termination agreement which does include a severance package.  Because of that, I will not share the details.  But suffice to say, the corporation basically ended up deciding to eliminate my position.
I wasted no time and started calling recruiter friends of mine on the drive home – first time that drive seemed so long.  I spent Friday meeting with other friends either in person or on the phone.  While I want to be sure to find the right opportunity, I plan to attack this like any other initiative and ensure this gets done as quickly and thoroughly as possible.
What am I looking for?  My plan is to stay in the leadership/management track.  As such, I’m focusing my search on software development management roles.  I have worked hard on building the skills necessary for these type positions and I have really enjoyed the work.  It not easy, but it is really rewarding when your team completes projects that many thought were impossible while not killing all of the members on that team.  So if you know of any such open position, please reach out to me.  I just finished updating my LinkedIn profile and I encourage you to check it out –
One good thing about no longer working at HPE is that I can spend some time getting caught up with the Louisville .NET Meetup and my blogging.  Look for the continuation of my Secrets of Conflict Resolution blog series later this week and meetups to be scheduled for the next couple of months.

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